Travel lives at the heart of Dini’s mission - both physical and spiritual travel. Leaving one place to go explore another, encountering new ideas and new people, and then returning having been transformed in our own self-understanding -- that’s the core experience of education and spiritual adventure.


JUNE 2024


Of all the Scandinavian countries, Norway is considered the most sustainable in the world, bringing to life a vision of the future lived in deep alignment with our planet and its natural resources. Shaping every facet of society from urban planning to electric planes, from zero-emission fjord cruisers to “plogging” and “panting” (community-based, incentivised recycling programs), from slow green fashion to waste-avoiding food sharing apps, Norway is a setting of breathtaking landscapes and breath-inducing, eco-certified living; a setting envisioned by timeless Jewish sensibilities and conjured by Jewish prophets, ancient and contemporary.

15 Years of Travels

Whether through a text, a melody, a ritual, a cocktail, or a conversation, Dini’s trips present horizons that summon people to think and feel beyond our own immediate experiences so as to encompass a more expansive understanding of our purpose in life, and a more expansive understanding of how Jewish tradition can be a source of healing and hope to all of humanity and our planet itself.