Justice Beit Midrash

American society is straining from years of social strife, political hostility, racist and partisan violence, and a pervasive sense of fear and alienation. Building a moral foundation for renewed and enduring civic engagement -between Jews, and for Jews in solidarity with other Americans - is an immediate priority. As the world approaches a new normal with the taming of Covid-19, the revival of Jewish communities and of our country requires thoughtful, informed, yet bold initiatives to navigate this uncharted territory.

In the traditional style of a Beit Midrash (House of Study), we’ll combine wrestling with sources together with guided teachings focused on a range of societal issues. Each unit will be capped by a visit with a leading activist or advocacy organization to build the bridge between learning and doing, and to catalyze the transformational impact of our study.

Topics to explore include

  • Civic responsibility
  • Democracy
  • Leadership
  • Race
  • Immigration
  • Income inequality
  • Healthcare equity
  • Law enforcement
  • Criminal justice
  • Housing
  • Hunger
  • Climate

The Justice Beit Midrash can be offered as a multi-session series that meets weekly or monthly, a Shabbaton or retreat, as a virtual or in-person experience.

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