The Torah of Death

Death. End of life. Mortality. What do these words evoke? For some, they ring with the familiar sounds of life’s inevitable rhythms. For others, they arouse feelings of fear and vulnerability. In the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have provoked anxiety, anger and doubt. They have also instilled gratitude.

To assert the holiness and hopefulness of life – not only at its inception and heights of vitality, but even at its inevitable, often incomprehensible, conclusion – remains a singular challenge for communities, families and individuals. What insights does Judaism offer into this complex dimension of the human experience? How have Jewish teachings, rituals and stories helped generations navigate between this world and what lies beyond?

Through song, study, reflection, and conversation, this series will address

  • The Birth of Death: Why Dying is Part of Living
  • How to Die: Death Narratives from Yesterday and Today
  • The Torah of Tenderness: Traditional and Alternative Burial Practices
  • The Torah of Tomorrow: Theories of the Afterlife
  • Troubled Torah: Death from War and Illness
  • The Death of God: Belief in the Face of Loss

The Torah of Death can be offered as a multi-session series that meets weekly or monthly, a Shabbaton or retreat, as a virtual or in-person experience.

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